It seems like everyone wants to be in the smartwatch arena wherein not only the tech giants of the mobile industry started creating their own version of smartwatch. But, if you are keen enough to notice, there's one thing that they are almost all have in common aside from the fact that they are the so-called wearable techs. And that is, they are all associated with smartphones.

Why wouldn't they? Even the rumored iWatch of Apple, which could launch sometime in the second half of 2014, is predicted to be working with iOS devices. Knowing how Apple manages their ecosystem, the iWatch will definitely work well enough with iDevices. Although it's not yet officially confirmed that the smarty piece will be officially called as iWatch, the blogosphere knows that Apple's Tim Cook has his own smartwatch cooking for us to taste. So, might as well prepare your iPhones and iPads for a dependent companion.

Have you been in tuned with the CES 2014? You probably have seen all the tech companies showing off their wearable techs competing on which smarty timepiece has something better to offer against one another. Most were competently designed, yet offers the same thing. So, it's like you've seen one of them, and then you're assured you've seen all of them. If only there's a smartwatch that could actually standout more than just time-telling wearable that gives you a bunch of notifications. Some even say that smartwatches aren't really that smart because of that. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Same is true with making things that are yet to prove their practical use.
But, Omate begs to differ. Omate boldly presents the smartest smartwatch to date: the TrueSmart Smartwatch. What's so great about this, you ask? Get this: while smartwatches of most of the tech giants and small tech companies alike couldn't live up to their true potential unless they are accommodated by their respective smartphones, TrueSmart Smartwatch brings you the first ever standalone device in smartwatch form—there's a SIM card in here. And there's more in it to offer.
Sandwiched in two physical buttons is the 3-megapixel shooter that can be upscaled to 5-megapixels enhanced by the software. It is literally a wearable smallest smartphone, so you can expect to make a call, and access a mobile data network from it.

At CES 2014, Omate CEO made a video demo to Phandroid. I must say, it sure is some kind of a head-turner. 
Omate TrueSmart specs are powered by 1.3 GHz dual-core Cortex A7 processor. It also runs Android 4.2.2. Perhaps it's not the latest OS of Android, but it goes with it well. It has a 1.54-inch TFT display (240 x 240) that is Multi-touch Capacitive Touch Screen, equipped with 2G/3G/WiFi/Bluetooth 4.0/GPS, geared up with a 5-megapixel shooter, and it has an inclusion of microphone and speaker. Moreover, its internal storage is 512MB + 4GB that can be expansible through the use of microSD card (8/16/32GB). Worried about the battery life with all these specs? You need not fret since it has a 600 mAh battery that makes it still alive and kicking for a whole 100 hours on standby mode. It's a standalone smartwatch—need I mention that it has a Micro Sim card slot?

Truly, this 2014, smartwatches have already gone smarter. But is Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch already smart enough for you?
PictureSamsung Galaxy Gear
According to Reuters, Samsung gave out a number that has something to do with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and it is 800,000. It is really hard to tell whether the said quantity indicates the number of units actually sold to customers or merely the units shipped to retailers, but further speculations strengthen the latter. But even so, it appears that the Galaxy Gear is the most popular smartwatch in the world. Though many units of the Gear are available on the market, that does not give tech stores or Samsung for this matter an assurance that they will be selling very well any time soon.

Yes, the bread and butter of every tech company comes from innovation, and innovation is realized with change. In a nutshell, technology is all about changes. But the matter is not just as simple as that. Innovation only means something if a new technology or design effects authentic change. And in the case of the Galaxy Gear, it is not yet clear if it is going to spark a big change on how we perceive and ultimately utilize gadgets. And according to Rachel Metz of Technology Review, “After trying some smart watches, I have determined that a good one will need to be more than just reliable and simple to use—it will have to learn when and how to bother me.” That comment there is perhaps what best describes a genuinely smart, wearable device, and the Galaxy Gear is yet to prove its worth.

At this point in time, analysts and reviewers think of the smartwatch as being a category getting ahead of itself. It is created even before its real purpose was determined. Christina Bonnington of WIRED rated the Galaxy Gear a staggering 4 out of 10. According to her, “It’s a noble attempt at innovation. But for the most part, the end result is too clunky and awkward for true appeal beyond being a brief conversation piece on your wrist.” It is not really something that most folks need. Some might even just think of it as a contraption that they would not have on their wrists all day.

Even so, the Galaxy Gear is far more advanced compared to the other smartwatches on the market. However, its advanced features are clearly in their infancy stage. We are yet to see their full potential. As of now, the future of the smartwatch industry is uncertain, even though Samsung claims that people are gravitating to the Galaxy Gear. It even made a statement that the sales of the Gear exceeded expectations. But we have to bear in mind that not all big things today came out grand as soon as they were conceived. Take Twitter for example; no one really knew what it was for when it started. But now, it is one of the most visited social networking sites to date. Let’s just give the Galaxy Gear the benefit of the doubt and hope that it pioneers a cutting edge product that will be able to revolutionize the wearable tech industry.

There are just people who want to be out of mediocrity—not to make their lives more complicated, but to find the easiest way out. They may seem pretty odd, but that’s the way they find convenience; that’s their unique way of making their life a little less complicated and a lot more fun.

In this digital age, techno geeks know how to really get the best of their devices. By the way, being a techno geek doesn’t mean that you must have the tiptop smartphones and gadgets. It actually means that whether your gadget is high-end or not, you can make the most of your gizmo with just a few tweaks and tricks. And as we all know with all the people in the tech sphere, one of the gadgets they abuse most is their smartphone. 
PicturePhoto credit to

See that indestructible Nokia 3310 with all in one features? That’s more likely what we’re going to talk about, but we won’t go beyond reality and turn our phones into something hilarious. And actually, this article will circulate on nifty mobile phone accessories to kick away the mundane techie life. Are you all set? Check out these techie and geeky gift ideas for your techie friends and loved ones (or for yourself):

#1: Jackpen

Where do you keep your notes? Of course you can just tap your note app from your phone and off you go! But, it doesn’t mean that we should ditch all our handy pens. Like it or not, there will come a time when we’re going to fish out our trusty pens from our bags or pocket and jot down something. After all, taking down notes can actually improve your chances of remembering. Not to mention your phone has chances of dying out. Now, yes, you will use your phone to write, but this time around you can scribble out notes using your phone with an attached pen on it—the Jackpen. Just put the Jackpen into the 3.5-mm jack slot of your phone and you’re good to go. It may not be deemed as something comfortable to write with, but it still gets the job done. [$9 for 3]

#2: Head Case Designs Mobile Back Cases

Looking for a mobile back case with detail-refined designs that could fit for all walks of life? Head Case Designs has got you and your phone covered. I can’t stress this enough; your phone needs protection against scuffs and sudden bumps. But if you don’t want to go out of style, choose designed back cases that will suit your phone and your taste. They produce over 5,000 unique and cool designs that are inarguably adorable. From the word of mouth, the designs are utterly amazing! [$8.02]

#3: Phone Privacy Screen

 Getting tired of passers-by who can’t help but peek on your phone’s screen? It’s time for phone privacy screen. This screen is different from the usual screen protectors we buy. How so? When you’re looking straight at your phone, definitely you’ll see the display. Move just a few degrees off the center, all you’ll be able to see is your reflection. Now, you can never be paranoid of the people around you who have prying eyes! [Usually under $5]

Wouldn’t these things be added to your wish list this coming Christmas? Get them for you and your loved ones now!

This I tried for myself: try to search the internet for the definition of the word “culture”, and I’ll bet my life that you will be given so many intricate and a bunch of far-fetched words put together to make a good sounding definition, whereas the simplified and precise definition of culture is just anything that is man-made. Now looking back in the developments of humanity in all aspects, the limelight clearly points to the thing that is considered the most popular culture in the world--technology. From televisions to cellular phones, microwave ovens to  mobile accessories, the world turns because of technology.

What I noticed nowadays is that there is an existing cult in the patronage of certain technological devices. I’ll be surprised if you are not noticing that the Apple Company is dominating the market sales of any point in the world. Hey, I’m not an Apple hater, in fact I own an iPad,  and an iTouch, and I tried to open up all the Macs that I had since then. I enjoyed using Apple devices; don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I realize that some people or most actually, are unconsciously building some sort of a technological classism in the process. True, Apple devices are nothing but technological breakthroughs in sophisticated form. But still, I just want to shout out that Apple products are not the only devices in the face of the planet that can provide you with out-of-this world technological experience.

What is happening right now is that we are overpowered by the mass hysteria brought about by the genius makers of these devices making them more sensational. I remember when Apple first introduced the iPad, people literally slept on the streets just to get their hands in the celebrated handheld device which was deemed to end the reign of netbooks and desktop PCs.

I have this impression that people have this idea that if the device is not Apple-made, then it is definitely not an option. Apple monopolized the technological business even coming up with their own rotating case stand exclusive for their iPads. Their devices and accessories are made exclusive for apple products, protected by ironclad trademark rights.                 

Now think, and I mean think clearly and remove any trace of bias in your mind. Did you like Apple devices because you really need one and analyzed that it is the best device in existence, or did you just buy it because it’s Apple? It’s funny though; my friends ask me to make their Macs easy to navigate much like using a conventional PC. What’s the point of enjoying the bragging rights of owning a Mac but when you don’t actually like using it?

Open your eyes people. I'm not saying that you should hate Apple devices; all I'm saying is that you need to consider your purchase and don't get easily swayed by mass hysteria, peer pressure, sensationalism, technological classism, and any other that cloud your critical judgement.

More and more people have been considering health and fitness a primary concern these days. Well, this trend is an outright good thing given that others live a more sedentary lifestyle. Rates of obesity and various cardiovascular diseases have dramatically increased over time, and being without a fitness plan is an absolute open invitation for those conditions to take over your health.

Because of the awareness campaigns launched by a number of groups to embrace healthy living, some companies have seen the potential in the fitness industry. They spent a considerable amount of resources in researching and developing fitness aides in the form of gadgets to help people get into the bandwagon of health and physical fitness.

One of the companies that have already established itself as brand in this niche is Jawbone. The company continues its aim in developing human-centered wearable technology guided by unparalleled innovation, ease-of-use, and sophisticated design. The fitness trackers of yesteryears can simply monitor heart rate, calories burned, and distance covered in a run, but today, the same type of gadgets can already provide a person with in-depth data that can be used to promote his health and fitness. One of Jawbone’s latest products is the UP24—basically a wristband that integrates a system built around a person. It helps one make smarter choices based on how he sleeps, moves, and eats.
It gets to do this by transmitting vital information on your smartphone through the UP app connected by Bluetooth. It provides you with real-time insights about what you do so that you can measure your physical activity in order to come up with optimal results in meeting your fitness goals. Furthermore, the app can provide you with feedbacks and recommendations in further improving your fitness level. You can be able to register your goals so you can visually see your progress. In simple terms, it puts your life on the right track. With this, you’ll feel like a character in a role-playing game levelling up as you get better and better.

The wristband and UP app can be connected to a plethora of other fitness apps available on apps stores of different mobile platforms. It creates a synergistic effect between the apps you connect it to so that accomplishing your tasks will be just like a walk in the park. The wristband currently retails at $149 and is available in various colors to meet your style. Come to think of it, that amount is a smart investment to evade from the hundreds—maybe thousands—of dollars that you might be compelled to spend if you failed to observe an active lifestyle. Start living healthy today to reap the rewards of a good life tomorrow.

When you hear “budget phones,” what comes to mind? The first thing that comes to mine are those that can be bought for less than or exactly a hundred bucks. These phones are dispensable, with little or no exciting features appended, and without the overall aesthetic feel. This is not so much a surprise as these phones are designed to supply only the basic functions of a mobile communicating device – send messages and make calls. However, in the ever growing technological world, the concept of budget phones has varied, particularly the manufacturers of them intelligent computing devices.

Android phones will not be the last to show off their own version of the budget phone, neither will Apple. These two dominators of the smartphone industry each built budget phones this year. With Apple, we have the flagship iPhone 5s and 5c as its budget variant. Both smartphones are packed with the powerful iOS. On the other hand, Android’s contender Motorola, holds Google’s first US-manufactured Moto X and Moto G, which was just recently announced. These Motorola smartphones center on user preferences set to deliver what is expected.

It has been a talk in town that Moto X is the Android phone that is closest to putting off the iPhone craze. The iPhone 5s is the best of iPhones available in the market, no one will say otherwise. However, everything that it possessed is predesigned. Upgrades are too expensive and require a lot of work. Whilst for Moto X, despite its lack of good hardware, it rises up to give a more personalized smartphone experience. They are indeed opposites but complement each other: what the one lacks, the other has it.

Now let’s see what their lesser counterparts have in common and have not.

There’s not much difference between the Moto X and Moto G. The basic features that the Moto X possessed will be exhibited in the Moto G and can be further customized through interchangeable back covers. This is, to no surprise, withheld from the iPhone 5c. It may come in a variety of colors but the back casing remains glued to the entire body. For the screen size, the Moto G is little smaller compared to its better half while the 5c goes along its partner with the 4-inch display iPhones carry. As for the camera, Moto G is up by a little in megapixels with 1.3MP and 5MP cameras. Intelligent assistants differ – the iPhone 5c comes with the popular Siri while the Moto G partners with Google Now. One more characteristic both have in common aside from being budget phones is their lack of NFC capacity.
The intention for developing budget versions for two compelling smart devices may be a marketing strategy for Motorola and Apple but is their way of telling people they can have  the smartphone experience they long for and actually afford it. 

We all have our obsessions and it’s something we can’t help but have. We live in a material world so it is to be expected that we are to treasure material things. What we obsessed most about are the items we usually see in movies particularly those action-packed ones. I’m pretty sure you wished you had one of Batman’s sleek gadgets that can make you feel a real-life superhero, and not to mention his Batmobile! Heck, even the actors who played those characters wanted (and quite possibly stole or should I say took home) anything they could hide from the production staff. Who wouldn’t?

You never have to go through all that because you can get your hands on your desired movie set props. How, you ask? DIY! You read that right. As much as you are given the power to construct your very own phone battery charger, you can have your very own replica of the toys you’ve obsessed on ever since you turned your eyes on the first motion picture you laid your eyes on. And before we move on in this article and enumerate the props you can actually do-it-yourself, I’m gonna go out and say it – Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor is one of them. Let’s begin!

MIB’s Neuralizer
It’s been a long time since the two black-tied agents of the alien universe spent their time on the big screen. Yes, I’m speaking of agents K and J and their neck-breaking adventures they’ve gotten themselves into for all three movie instalments. But what really made the movie a must-watch are the gadgets agents K and J held with them as they battle their way out of an almost world’s end. One prominent tool that was above the big-ass guns and weaponry is the Neuralizer. It’s not used for combat really, rather it allows the Men in Black to completely erase a memory and replace it with a new one.

Ain’t that cool? Why yes, it most certainly is! And now you can make one for yourself. With just an old disposable camera, a couple of batteries, and some cardboard for the overall body, you can own the power to erase...well not really, but you could flash them alien-life creatures! Before you go ahead and build one, you have to learn a little knowledge on electric circuits as you will be playing around with such.

Iron Man’s Arc Reactor

He’s known for his fresh and sexy look on the big screen with all the latest gadgets he built with his own hands. Now we get a chance to be him by remaking the Arc Reactor that kept Tony Stark alive after his first brush with death. It didn’t look at all simple in the movie, neither is it in real life. A huge Iron Man fan and genius designed himself his own version of the Arc Reactor and posted it online. Now everybody wants one and so did I. You need a few materials for this project: 2mm acrylic, two LEDs, copper wires, aluminium, and some resistors (for the LEDs). The architect behind this great DIY project used Adobe Illustrator for the overall design of the reactor and had the acrylic laser-cut. After all that’s done, add some colors like black, gold, and silver so as to make the reactor realistic. Clip the parts together and wind the 0.8 mm thick copper wires around each coil alternately. Once these are all fastened up, have yourself some fun with your very own Arc Reactor!

I cannot wait to get started with these projects! Ciao!

The world of today is engulfed with a long list of technological advancements that admittedly has been quite the helpful treat to everyone. Looking at the world today, one might say that technology is already a constant variable to the equation along with others that may or may not be removed entirely. Then again, let this not be the last word for people are capable of so many things including giving up technology for a real life.

An individual who proved the previous statement right would be 25-year-old Ben Brast-McKie who for a reason gave up the one thing everybody in this society find hard to let go – technology. Believe me or not, he actually isolated himself from technology (not totally) for as long as he could and that has been for four years since he began in 2009. He isn’t martyr enough to fully let go of technology as he still makes use of his laptop for writing and reading papers, sending and receiving emails, and then there’s Google Voice. What he feels proud about is that he has completely relinquished himself of the need to get hold of a smartphone. And then there was also his aversion to any kind of social networking sites online. I guess we won’t be seeing him lining up purchasing an iPhone 5s or 5c any time soon. Then again, who knows?

A life without technology, especially nowadays, is tough. There’s no denying that, even Brast-McKie wouldn’t. He admits he had a hard time adjusting to the world that is submerged in a waterpool of contraptions all set to provide utmost convenience to its makers. Every single day has been a challenge for him, and yet he endured and still is happy to have chosen to relieve himself off smartphones and whatnot. There are two things we, the people still reluctant to join him on the other side of the line, need to realize:

We think again. The very objective of technology is to finish the tasks assigned to us on time and if possible, beforehand. Even the greatest solutions to the most complex of tasks have been embedded to computers in the form of robots, artificial intelligence (AI), and now smartphones. Having said that, you’ll find that there’s no more need for us to conjure any other solution because the answers are already provided, thus, rendering us useless. However, if we try to at least distance ourselves from technology, we might get a shot at a second chance. We wouldn’t be so dependent and we find a reason to use the one thing that classifies us superior from all other creations – the ability to think of new solutions, those that will require less of machines and more of men.

We live again. The apocalypse we are all trying to avoid has been over us for so long now. We’ve been the living dead in the sense that we breathe, eat, and drink but we are far from living in the real world. Ever since the rise of social networking sites, people have succumb to the digital world where you can be anyone at any place and any time. Sooner than later, we’ve lost that life, the real kind. You don’t really have to give up technology completely. You simply have to control yourself and little by little, loosen your grip until such time you can stand again, eventually living again.

How long have you been using those self-luminous rectangle handheld gadgets? Yes, that’s right; I’m talking about your nifty phones and tablets at your hand. You must have exhausted every feature of your gizmos like I did—and truth be told, I still do. Talk about all those neat features. Not to mention, you can also load your devices with the lifeblood we call apps, may them be free or not.

Without a doubt, and from the word of mouth, I bet you will all agree how much these electronic gadgets have drastically changed—and still changing—the way we live. Whether they have enhanced your daily tasks by buying smartphones and tablets accessories for each, or loading them with those arguably helpful and useful apps, one cannot simply deny the fact that they are now considered as one of our necessities.

Going back to the first question, again I ask, how long? Whether you’ve been using your trusty gadgets for years or just had one of the latest flagships in the mobile industry, it pays to load them with the right and appropriate apps to make our lives more enjoyable, easier, and better. Now, you might have stuck yourself with your trusty apps, I guess it won’t hurt for you to taste new ones, which by the way may be far more advanced with the old ones. Check out the new apps I have enlisted to make every percent of your phone’s battery count.

#1: Condi (previously Mini Tasker)

Mini Tasker? If your eyebrow strikes up for skepticism, then you better think again. Even if it has been so-named mini, you’ll be surprised on how big of a deal this app can be. And so, since it’s not just something you could belittle, the creator of the app changed the name to Condi. What does it do? With just simple taps, swipes, and toggles, you can tweak your phone into a more unimaginably and remarkably powerful. It is an automation app that lets you hack your phones abilities, and it could do almost anything you can imagine. It’s also pretty easy to use. Just set up a specific action for each condition, such as muting your device’s volume when you are in a place that is inappropriate for music, or launching an app to fit wherever you are situated. If you noticed, the tasks can be triggered by location, time, calendar, event, activity, and battery status even. Isn’t it a perfect pal for your phone? [Free on Android]

#2: Themer

If you have been a fan of Android and have also tasted the iOS phone, you might notice one of their countless nuances:  Android is more customizable. And so, Themer app helps you experiment more with your trusty Android phone that allows you to change almost every pixel of your interface even! As what you might have perceived what its name is all about, Themer lets you choose among many different stylish home screen themes and brings all the apps you use most to the front to make it easier. Though this app is still in beta development, you’ll definitely enjoy the features it offers as you tweak your smartphone or tablet. [Free on Android]

#3: Circa News

Now, if you want to stay abreast of the latest happenings in the sphere, Circa News can collate almost all the latest, hottest, and breaking news that might interest you. It is one of the most popular news readers on iOS, and now it’s already rolling on Android devices! Without a doubt, this app gives you indeed a more reliable window about the happenings in the world. [Free on Android and iOS]

Now, do you have enough reason to ditch your old apps? I hope so. Friendly advice: Free up some space and try these awesome apps to experience how great they can be.

Before the month of October ended, finally, all the rumor mills have taken a break. Taken a break with what, you ask? They had taken a break with the Android 4.4 KitKat telltales. The Tech Giant, Google, announced that the new mobile operating system would first run in their handset, Nexus 5.

Now, should you be thrilled with what this tasty platform is about to bring out to your smartphones more than what cool mobile phone accessories can offer? Allow me to break in to you through with the features this Android 4.4 KitKat boasts, and see if it satisfies your taste buds:
#1: Improved phone dialer

Well, if you have set your hands with this mobile platform, you’ll notice that when you just type a few letters in the phone dialer interface, the dialer will bring it up immediately. And this is not much of a surprise at all since this feature has been already offered by some manufacturers. But, here’s what you are going to dig: KitKat now includes a novel form of caller ID in which it could fetch information of unregistered number like the location. In this way, you’ll have a bigger glimpse into who might be calling you. Isn’t it a helpful addition indeed?

#2: Revamped interface

Of course, one would know that something has changed with the OS immediately by just looking at the interface. And you know how innovative and creative Android is. I bet ‘tweaking’ is their middle name. What you will expect are: translucent navigation bar, condensed font, and “immersive” full-screen. But here’s the catch: the revamped interface would be likely running more on Nexus devices only—all other Android devices then will be stuck in the interface their manufacturers provide.

#3: Hangouts

And finally, Google has tweaked the Hangouts! Now, it lets you send SMS, MMS, and chat messages by only one means. I actually liked that idea since I am a bit miffed with the thought that I had to switch from a messaging app to another. But, if you might have also recalled, Google wasn’t the first one to combine all the communication functionality since Apple had already released one in its iOS 6, which was over a year ago. Though it might look like Google has just been catching up, they have improved their messaging app into an all-encompassing Messages app in order to suffice the convenience of its users.

#4: Needless to bring cash at hand

If you have been sniffing with the leaks of Android 4.4, then you might have sniffed about Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat enabling Google Wallet to lessen—if not eradicate—all the hassles with money. Expect that when you are already running the Android 4.4 KitKat in your device, you can pay freely even without the need of your carrier’s approval; needless to have NFC security either since Android will store your payment information with KitKat per se. But wait, there’s more. Not only you can manage your credit card information and stuff alike, you can also send money to your friends and loved ones—again, without getting miffed with the transaction fees. Now, any Android user can take advantage what Google Wallet offers. You just have to need your smartphone.

These are just a glimpse of the things that you’d expect with Android 4.4 KitKat; it’s definitely your call to have a break and have a bite!



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