There are just people who want to be out of mediocrity—not to make their lives more complicated, but to find the easiest way out. They may seem pretty odd, but that’s the way they find convenience; that’s their unique way of making their life a little less complicated and a lot more fun.

In this digital age, techno geeks know how to really get the best of their devices. By the way, being a techno geek doesn’t mean that you must have the tiptop smartphones and gadgets. It actually means that whether your gadget is high-end or not, you can make the most of your gizmo with just a few tweaks and tricks. And as we all know with all the people in the tech sphere, one of the gadgets they abuse most is their smartphone. 
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See that indestructible Nokia 3310 with all in one features? That’s more likely what we’re going to talk about, but we won’t go beyond reality and turn our phones into something hilarious. And actually, this article will circulate on nifty mobile phone accessories to kick away the mundane techie life. Are you all set? Check out these techie and geeky gift ideas for your techie friends and loved ones (or for yourself):

#1: Jackpen

Where do you keep your notes? Of course you can just tap your note app from your phone and off you go! But, it doesn’t mean that we should ditch all our handy pens. Like it or not, there will come a time when we’re going to fish out our trusty pens from our bags or pocket and jot down something. After all, taking down notes can actually improve your chances of remembering. Not to mention your phone has chances of dying out. Now, yes, you will use your phone to write, but this time around you can scribble out notes using your phone with an attached pen on it—the Jackpen. Just put the Jackpen into the 3.5-mm jack slot of your phone and you’re good to go. It may not be deemed as something comfortable to write with, but it still gets the job done. [$9 for 3]

#2: Head Case Designs Mobile Back Cases

Looking for a mobile back case with detail-refined designs that could fit for all walks of life? Head Case Designs has got you and your phone covered. I can’t stress this enough; your phone needs protection against scuffs and sudden bumps. But if you don’t want to go out of style, choose designed back cases that will suit your phone and your taste. They produce over 5,000 unique and cool designs that are inarguably adorable. From the word of mouth, the designs are utterly amazing! [$8.02]

#3: Phone Privacy Screen

 Getting tired of passers-by who can’t help but peek on your phone’s screen? It’s time for phone privacy screen. This screen is different from the usual screen protectors we buy. How so? When you’re looking straight at your phone, definitely you’ll see the display. Move just a few degrees off the center, all you’ll be able to see is your reflection. Now, you can never be paranoid of the people around you who have prying eyes! [Usually under $5]

Wouldn’t these things be added to your wish list this coming Christmas? Get them for you and your loved ones now!

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