How long have you been using those self-luminous rectangle handheld gadgets? Yes, that’s right; I’m talking about your nifty phones and tablets at your hand. You must have exhausted every feature of your gizmos like I did—and truth be told, I still do. Talk about all those neat features. Not to mention, you can also load your devices with the lifeblood we call apps, may them be free or not.

Without a doubt, and from the word of mouth, I bet you will all agree how much these electronic gadgets have drastically changed—and still changing—the way we live. Whether they have enhanced your daily tasks by buying smartphones and tablets accessories for each, or loading them with those arguably helpful and useful apps, one cannot simply deny the fact that they are now considered as one of our necessities.

Going back to the first question, again I ask, how long? Whether you’ve been using your trusty gadgets for years or just had one of the latest flagships in the mobile industry, it pays to load them with the right and appropriate apps to make our lives more enjoyable, easier, and better. Now, you might have stuck yourself with your trusty apps, I guess it won’t hurt for you to taste new ones, which by the way may be far more advanced with the old ones. Check out the new apps I have enlisted to make every percent of your phone’s battery count.

#1: Condi (previously Mini Tasker)

Mini Tasker? If your eyebrow strikes up for skepticism, then you better think again. Even if it has been so-named mini, you’ll be surprised on how big of a deal this app can be. And so, since it’s not just something you could belittle, the creator of the app changed the name to Condi. What does it do? With just simple taps, swipes, and toggles, you can tweak your phone into a more unimaginably and remarkably powerful. It is an automation app that lets you hack your phones abilities, and it could do almost anything you can imagine. It’s also pretty easy to use. Just set up a specific action for each condition, such as muting your device’s volume when you are in a place that is inappropriate for music, or launching an app to fit wherever you are situated. If you noticed, the tasks can be triggered by location, time, calendar, event, activity, and battery status even. Isn’t it a perfect pal for your phone? [Free on Android]

#2: Themer

If you have been a fan of Android and have also tasted the iOS phone, you might notice one of their countless nuances:  Android is more customizable. And so, Themer app helps you experiment more with your trusty Android phone that allows you to change almost every pixel of your interface even! As what you might have perceived what its name is all about, Themer lets you choose among many different stylish home screen themes and brings all the apps you use most to the front to make it easier. Though this app is still in beta development, you’ll definitely enjoy the features it offers as you tweak your smartphone or tablet. [Free on Android]

#3: Circa News

Now, if you want to stay abreast of the latest happenings in the sphere, Circa News can collate almost all the latest, hottest, and breaking news that might interest you. It is one of the most popular news readers on iOS, and now it’s already rolling on Android devices! Without a doubt, this app gives you indeed a more reliable window about the happenings in the world. [Free on Android and iOS]

Now, do you have enough reason to ditch your old apps? I hope so. Friendly advice: Free up some space and try these awesome apps to experience how great they can be.

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