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According to Reuters, Samsung gave out a number that has something to do with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and it is 800,000. It is really hard to tell whether the said quantity indicates the number of units actually sold to customers or merely the units shipped to retailers, but further speculations strengthen the latter. But even so, it appears that the Galaxy Gear is the most popular smartwatch in the world. Though many units of the Gear are available on the market, that does not give tech stores or Samsung for this matter an assurance that they will be selling very well any time soon.

Yes, the bread and butter of every tech company comes from innovation, and innovation is realized with change. In a nutshell, technology is all about changes. But the matter is not just as simple as that. Innovation only means something if a new technology or design effects authentic change. And in the case of the Galaxy Gear, it is not yet clear if it is going to spark a big change on how we perceive and ultimately utilize gadgets. And according to Rachel Metz of Technology Review, “After trying some smart watches, I have determined that a good one will need to be more than just reliable and simple to use—it will have to learn when and how to bother me.” That comment there is perhaps what best describes a genuinely smart, wearable device, and the Galaxy Gear is yet to prove its worth.

At this point in time, analysts and reviewers think of the smartwatch as being a category getting ahead of itself. It is created even before its real purpose was determined. Christina Bonnington of WIRED rated the Galaxy Gear a staggering 4 out of 10. According to her, “It’s a noble attempt at innovation. But for the most part, the end result is too clunky and awkward for true appeal beyond being a brief conversation piece on your wrist.” It is not really something that most folks need. Some might even just think of it as a contraption that they would not have on their wrists all day.

Even so, the Galaxy Gear is far more advanced compared to the other smartwatches on the market. However, its advanced features are clearly in their infancy stage. We are yet to see their full potential. As of now, the future of the smartwatch industry is uncertain, even though Samsung claims that people are gravitating to the Galaxy Gear. It even made a statement that the sales of the Gear exceeded expectations. But we have to bear in mind that not all big things today came out grand as soon as they were conceived. Take Twitter for example; no one really knew what it was for when it started. But now, it is one of the most visited social networking sites to date. Let’s just give the Galaxy Gear the benefit of the doubt and hope that it pioneers a cutting edge product that will be able to revolutionize the wearable tech industry.

2/19/2019 06:11:42 pm

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