This I tried for myself: try to search the internet for the definition of the word “culture”, and I’ll bet my life that you will be given so many intricate and a bunch of far-fetched words put together to make a good sounding definition, whereas the simplified and precise definition of culture is just anything that is man-made. Now looking back in the developments of humanity in all aspects, the limelight clearly points to the thing that is considered the most popular culture in the world--technology. From televisions to cellular phones, microwave ovens to  mobile accessories, the world turns because of technology.

What I noticed nowadays is that there is an existing cult in the patronage of certain technological devices. I’ll be surprised if you are not noticing that the Apple Company is dominating the market sales of any point in the world. Hey, I’m not an Apple hater, in fact I own an iPad,  and an iTouch, and I tried to open up all the Macs that I had since then. I enjoyed using Apple devices; don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I realize that some people or most actually, are unconsciously building some sort of a technological classism in the process. True, Apple devices are nothing but technological breakthroughs in sophisticated form. But still, I just want to shout out that Apple products are not the only devices in the face of the planet that can provide you with out-of-this world technological experience.

What is happening right now is that we are overpowered by the mass hysteria brought about by the genius makers of these devices making them more sensational. I remember when Apple first introduced the iPad, people literally slept on the streets just to get their hands in the celebrated handheld device which was deemed to end the reign of netbooks and desktop PCs.

I have this impression that people have this idea that if the device is not Apple-made, then it is definitely not an option. Apple monopolized the technological business even coming up with their own rotating case stand exclusive for their iPads. Their devices and accessories are made exclusive for apple products, protected by ironclad trademark rights.                 

Now think, and I mean think clearly and remove any trace of bias in your mind. Did you like Apple devices because you really need one and analyzed that it is the best device in existence, or did you just buy it because it’s Apple? It’s funny though; my friends ask me to make their Macs easy to navigate much like using a conventional PC. What’s the point of enjoying the bragging rights of owning a Mac but when you don’t actually like using it?

Open your eyes people. I'm not saying that you should hate Apple devices; all I'm saying is that you need to consider your purchase and don't get easily swayed by mass hysteria, peer pressure, sensationalism, technological classism, and any other that cloud your critical judgement.

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