We all have our obsessions and it’s something we can’t help but have. We live in a material world so it is to be expected that we are to treasure material things. What we obsessed most about are the items we usually see in movies particularly those action-packed ones. I’m pretty sure you wished you had one of Batman’s sleek gadgets that can make you feel a real-life superhero, and not to mention his Batmobile! Heck, even the actors who played those characters wanted (and quite possibly stole or should I say took home) anything they could hide from the production staff. Who wouldn’t?

You never have to go through all that because you can get your hands on your desired movie set props. How, you ask? DIY! You read that right. As much as you are given the power to construct your very own phone battery charger, you can have your very own replica of the toys you’ve obsessed on ever since you turned your eyes on the first motion picture you laid your eyes on. And before we move on in this article and enumerate the props you can actually do-it-yourself, I’m gonna go out and say it – Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor is one of them. Let’s begin!

MIB’s Neuralizer
It’s been a long time since the two black-tied agents of the alien universe spent their time on the big screen. Yes, I’m speaking of agents K and J and their neck-breaking adventures they’ve gotten themselves into for all three movie instalments. But what really made the movie a must-watch are the gadgets agents K and J held with them as they battle their way out of an almost world’s end. One prominent tool that was above the big-ass guns and weaponry is the Neuralizer. It’s not used for combat really, rather it allows the Men in Black to completely erase a memory and replace it with a new one.

Ain’t that cool? Why yes, it most certainly is! And now you can make one for yourself. With just an old disposable camera, a couple of batteries, and some cardboard for the overall body, you can own the power to erase...well not really, but you could flash them alien-life creatures! Before you go ahead and build one, you have to learn a little knowledge on electric circuits as you will be playing around with such.

Iron Man’s Arc Reactor

He’s known for his fresh and sexy look on the big screen with all the latest gadgets he built with his own hands. Now we get a chance to be him by remaking the Arc Reactor that kept Tony Stark alive after his first brush with death. It didn’t look at all simple in the movie, neither is it in real life. A huge Iron Man fan and genius designed himself his own version of the Arc Reactor and posted it online. Now everybody wants one and so did I. You need a few materials for this project: 2mm acrylic, two LEDs, copper wires, aluminium, and some resistors (for the LEDs). The architect behind this great DIY project used Adobe Illustrator for the overall design of the reactor and had the acrylic laser-cut. After all that’s done, add some colors like black, gold, and silver so as to make the reactor realistic. Clip the parts together and wind the 0.8 mm thick copper wires around each coil alternately. Once these are all fastened up, have yourself some fun with your very own Arc Reactor!

I cannot wait to get started with these projects! Ciao!

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