The world of today is engulfed with a long list of technological advancements that admittedly has been quite the helpful treat to everyone. Looking at the world today, one might say that technology is already a constant variable to the equation along with others that may or may not be removed entirely. Then again, let this not be the last word for people are capable of so many things including giving up technology for a real life.

An individual who proved the previous statement right would be 25-year-old Ben Brast-McKie who for a reason gave up the one thing everybody in this society find hard to let go – technology. Believe me or not, he actually isolated himself from technology (not totally) for as long as he could and that has been for four years since he began in 2009. He isn’t martyr enough to fully let go of technology as he still makes use of his laptop for writing and reading papers, sending and receiving emails, and then there’s Google Voice. What he feels proud about is that he has completely relinquished himself of the need to get hold of a smartphone. And then there was also his aversion to any kind of social networking sites online. I guess we won’t be seeing him lining up purchasing an iPhone 5s or 5c any time soon. Then again, who knows?

A life without technology, especially nowadays, is tough. There’s no denying that, even Brast-McKie wouldn’t. He admits he had a hard time adjusting to the world that is submerged in a waterpool of contraptions all set to provide utmost convenience to its makers. Every single day has been a challenge for him, and yet he endured and still is happy to have chosen to relieve himself off smartphones and whatnot. There are two things we, the people still reluctant to join him on the other side of the line, need to realize:

We think again. The very objective of technology is to finish the tasks assigned to us on time and if possible, beforehand. Even the greatest solutions to the most complex of tasks have been embedded to computers in the form of robots, artificial intelligence (AI), and now smartphones. Having said that, you’ll find that there’s no more need for us to conjure any other solution because the answers are already provided, thus, rendering us useless. However, if we try to at least distance ourselves from technology, we might get a shot at a second chance. We wouldn’t be so dependent and we find a reason to use the one thing that classifies us superior from all other creations – the ability to think of new solutions, those that will require less of machines and more of men.

We live again. The apocalypse we are all trying to avoid has been over us for so long now. We’ve been the living dead in the sense that we breathe, eat, and drink but we are far from living in the real world. Ever since the rise of social networking sites, people have succumb to the digital world where you can be anyone at any place and any time. Sooner than later, we’ve lost that life, the real kind. You don’t really have to give up technology completely. You simply have to control yourself and little by little, loosen your grip until such time you can stand again, eventually living again.

10/20/2016 07:33:38 am

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