More and more people have been considering health and fitness a primary concern these days. Well, this trend is an outright good thing given that others live a more sedentary lifestyle. Rates of obesity and various cardiovascular diseases have dramatically increased over time, and being without a fitness plan is an absolute open invitation for those conditions to take over your health.

Because of the awareness campaigns launched by a number of groups to embrace healthy living, some companies have seen the potential in the fitness industry. They spent a considerable amount of resources in researching and developing fitness aides in the form of gadgets to help people get into the bandwagon of health and physical fitness.

One of the companies that have already established itself as brand in this niche is Jawbone. The company continues its aim in developing human-centered wearable technology guided by unparalleled innovation, ease-of-use, and sophisticated design. The fitness trackers of yesteryears can simply monitor heart rate, calories burned, and distance covered in a run, but today, the same type of gadgets can already provide a person with in-depth data that can be used to promote his health and fitness. One of Jawbone’s latest products is the UP24—basically a wristband that integrates a system built around a person. It helps one make smarter choices based on how he sleeps, moves, and eats.
It gets to do this by transmitting vital information on your smartphone through the UP app connected by Bluetooth. It provides you with real-time insights about what you do so that you can measure your physical activity in order to come up with optimal results in meeting your fitness goals. Furthermore, the app can provide you with feedbacks and recommendations in further improving your fitness level. You can be able to register your goals so you can visually see your progress. In simple terms, it puts your life on the right track. With this, you’ll feel like a character in a role-playing game levelling up as you get better and better.

The wristband and UP app can be connected to a plethora of other fitness apps available on apps stores of different mobile platforms. It creates a synergistic effect between the apps you connect it to so that accomplishing your tasks will be just like a walk in the park. The wristband currently retails at $149 and is available in various colors to meet your style. Come to think of it, that amount is a smart investment to evade from the hundreds—maybe thousands—of dollars that you might be compelled to spend if you failed to observe an active lifestyle. Start living healthy today to reap the rewards of a good life tomorrow.

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1/27/2014 10:33:24 pm

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You are right, Health is on first priority and app is more helpful for people to track their own activities.


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