The next flagship of the big boys in the mobile industry is something that every smartphone user looks forward to. That’s because people crave more for the things that mobile phones can offer, be it the features, aesthetics, enhanced speed of interactivity, and whatnot. Techno-geeks will never get enough of them—and all the more with the people whom we usually refer to as Nomophobic (No Mobile Phone Phobia).

What handset do you have in hand? Do you think you got one of the tip-top phones yet? Or, your phone is on its way to pile up with the cheap mobile phones? Let’s get you updated with what’s hot. Let’s see if these nifty smartphones will give you even the slightest idea to switch to one of these best smartphones you could find:

#1: HTC One

HTC One would indeed be the first one on the list. This smartphone is the latest flagship of HTC as of this moment—or, can be this year. And it is indeed an accomplished flagship since it is not just attractive, but also highly enjoyable. It is so handy, and you’ll be mesmerized with the display with the highest pixel density yet on a mobile. Even with only 4-megapixel shooter at the back, the photo looks tremendously great with the sensor that is highly effective in low light. And it still works best even without flash to support. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a fault with this device, but it will be suggestive to have a more powerful battery or to have a replacement battery to support its neat features. Also, the aluminum casing can get too slippery. Nonetheless, it deserves the spot to be first on the list.

#2: Samsung Galaxy S4

Although the plastic feel of the S4 is indeed something to complain about that started on the S3 version, it manages to pull it off as it is powered by a 1.6GHz 8-core Exynos processor—making it the first ‘octo-core’ smartphone. This flagship that is slimmer than its prequel, which is now 7.9mm, has a startling display with a Full HD 1080p Super AMOLED with a 441 pixels per inch count—leaving your eyes spoiled on the vivid display. Talk about features. You’ll be left flabbergasted with features like Smart Scroll and Smart Pause. With Smart Scroll, you can now move a text message simply by tracking where your eyes are looking—just do tilt movements. Smart Pause, on the other hand, makes a video freeze in action when it detects that you are looking away from the screen. You’ll enjoy much of its control features that this device can offer.

#3: Sony Xperia Z

Are you a self-confessed hardcore adventurer even under water? Now, with Sony Xperia Z, you can capture your adventures underwater without having it waterlogged! Although it is not the most powerful handset, the quad-core processor powered device manages to pull it off as it has a 5-inch screen, bigger than that of HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. Sony even claims that it has the “highest levels of dust and water resistance on a smartphone.” With this phone, you need not worry about the impending splash incidents!

Aren’t they a few of the greatest phones invented yet? Don’t be the last to know!

8/24/2018 08:20:18 pm

There are many other smartphones that are great, like huawei honor 7x , xiaomi mi 8, Oukitel k10000 pro.


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