Samsung has unveiled its new technology, the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. As what the "Smartwatch" word implies, it is made technically smarter than any timepiece. But itâ's not the first technology of its kind. There goes the iPod nano watchband that was launched by late of 2010.

iPod nano watchbands were discovered as the late Steve Jobs said that one of the Apple board members tried to wear the nano as a watch. And since then, the wristbands came in all shapes and sizes to clip the nano and make it a wearable technology.

Now, going back to Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, does it have anything better to offer? Let's hit the list of reasons on why you should buy this smarty timepiece or why you shouldn't buy this piece at all:


It is packed with a 1.9-megapixel camera so you could snag pictures or take a video anytime, anywhere. 
The 1.9-megapixel camera takes low-quality photos "expected" and it's a bit awkward to point.
It serves as a portal to your smartphone so you could receive messages and take or make calls.
Taking or making calls through smartwatch is neat, but other apps are flat out lame.
It comes in six funky colors.
It's bulky as you wear it.
You can pause your phone's music and video right off the bat with the smartwatch--freeing you from all the troubles of toggling and tapping on your smartphone.
Battery drains easily--requiring you to keep your portable chargers close always with you.
It has a pretty neat display.
It displays only limited notifications.
It has a nifty way of telling time and a wearable speakerphone.
It can be a speakerphone and has an accelerometer to count your steps even, but it has no heart rate monitor for workouts.
More on CONS:
It can only be paired to the Galaxy Note 3 and 2014 edition of the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet at the moment. It costs a serious hefty $300 and adds up to the pile of roadway distractions.

Need I say more? It goes to show that the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch brings more inconvenience to people than convenience. It’s primary purpose is supposed to free people from all the troubles of pulling out their phones out of their purse or pocket, and just simply check the notifications right on your wrist. But, this doesn’t sound that it is a necessity to most people. It doesn’t always mean that if they can make it, they should do it. Sometimes, it’s better if we build something that can cater to our needs and make the best value for one’s money. A writer from Wired, Christina Bonnington, said that they are still on their infancy. So, I guess we can forgive all the flaws and shortcomings of this device. Let’s hope that the second gen has much more to offer than this one. 

9/3/2018 06:27:01 pm

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