After Apple’s launch of its newest models to the iPhone collection, there are a number of consumers who were downright disappointed. Simply put, their expectations of Apple’s brand new flagship phone, the iPhone 5s, weren’t met. Yes, the fingerprint sensor and the camera upgrades are commendable, but those enhancements just aren’t enough to come up with an almost perfect phone that can satisfy a consumer with an exceedingly discriminating taste. Henceforth, the only hope for the ideal phone has to be with the iPhone 6. And these are the features that we wish it will have.

1.       A bigger display. The first models of iPhones had a display no more than 4 inches. And after the iPhone 5 had an upgrade in terms of screen size to exactly 4 inches diagonally, we still aren’t satisfied. Well, looking at the bigger picture—literally and figuratively—the iPhone 5s has one of the smallest displays among the high end smartphones on the market. So, it will just be a relief for a lot of people if Apple will finally release their own phablet.

2.       Water resistance. Water is, among the majority of smartphones, the greatest enemy of consumer electronics, bar none. Even just a dab of moisture seeping through the insides of a handset can fry its circuits. This is already a problem of the past for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, for it features water resistance of up to 30 minutes under 1-meter-deep water. In due time, even smartphones can be used to capture the breath-taking sceneries under the sea.

3.       Solar charging. Ah, battery life—the greatest drawback of smartphones. Bluntly, the most powerful device is useless without a source of energy. So, Apple must do something to eradicate this problem. And is there a better concept than harnessing the power of the sun? With solar panels at the back of the next iPhone, you’ll never have to bear with the disruptions in your smatphone businesses because of inadequate energy. If calculators have it, why can’t the iPhone 6?

4.       Near field communication (NFC). The NFC feature is rapidly gaining fame from mobile consumers. With it, exchange of information is made much easier by just tapping a device to another or just bringing the two in close proximity. As time passes by, more innovators are finding more and more ways to take advantage of the NFC technology, and if Apple wouldn’t integrate their iPhones with the said technology, it might be left behind.

5.       Infrared blaster. Wouldn’t it be great to finally turn “getting everything done with just a tap on the screen” into an absolute reality? Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, and LG G2 all come with a built-in infrared (IR) blaster, which can be used to control televisions. And if that isn’t enough, the S4 and the One have incorporated a built-in program guide, making it easy for viewers to find a program that they like to watch.

Although we know that there’s always something new with technology, I personally think that these features listed above are enough to give rise to the perfect phone. Even if it won’t take that much long till we are dissatisfied again, leaving us to air out our wants incessantly, at least, we get to share our ideas and contribute to the betterment of the tech companies that manufacture the smartphones that we treasure.

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