One of the most innovative features of Apple’s latest flagship phone, the iPhone 5s, is the Touch ID. It is a fingerprint identity scanner for the user to unlock his phone in a more hassle-free and cooler fashion. Additionally, the said technology provides a higher degree of security, especially in making purchases through one’s mobile phone online.

The fingerprint scanning technology debuted in the iPhone 5s is in itself a breakthrough in the mobile industry, although the concept has already been used in a lot of industries for their biometric systems. Nonetheless, we can say that this technology revolutionized how one person can access his smartphone. Gone are the days when we still have to remember a set of alphanumeric characters as our password just to begin fiddling with our handheld devices.

In light of the latest development in mobile security, the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, which has a calling to strengthen online security, says that it expects to see similar fingerprint-based security in Android devices within the period of six months or so. According to Michael Barrett, the president of the organization, “The intention of FIDO is absolutely that it will allow consumers to have access to mobile services that they can use with very low friction, while keeping good security.”

The giant tech company, Google, has signed up to help push this cause. It supports the vision of FIDO. As of now, Apple still has nothing to do with the organization. Barrett is hopeful that Apple eventually joins the FIDO Alliance. This way, the competence of mobile and online security will be more enhanced.

On another related note, there are speculations that HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, will come up with a handheld device that will be integrated with a fingerprint scanner as well. This upcoming device is said to be named HTC Max. However, unlike the iPhone 5s, which has its fingerprint scanning mechanism on the lower anterior portion of the phone, the Max will have its scanning device at the upper dorsal portion, between the SIM slot and its camera. Instead of using one’s thumb in the authentication process, the Max will be scanning the forefingers of its users.

Although HTC has not yet confirmed about the functions and tasks of the integrated technology, analysts perceive that it will be utilized as with the 5s. It will be used to unlock the screen and authorize online purchases. There is no formal date set just yet on its launch, but there are hearsays that it is expected to be released in the second half of October.

After all these developments, mobile security will never be the same. Soon enough, the phrase, “Everything at your fingertips” will be literally realized. This is a testament on how technology makes life so easy.

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