When talking about being techie, this usually means buying high-end gadgets that come with hefty, stinging price. These nifty gadgets sure are bank breakers that can squeeze your pocket for the last penny. But when you consider the convenience they bring, spending a pretty penny is totally worth it.

But do you always have to splurge so much just to maintain your techie-ness? What if I tell you that you can be both techie and thrifty simultaneously? Check out these awesome budget gadgets that come with ridiculously reasonable and unbeatable prices!

#1: Roku LT
Hurray for the new TV! What do you say we get the gotta-have 999 channel cable? Are you prepared how much will it cost you? And with seeing the price tag, all the thrills just died instantly. Good thing is that Roku streaming player offers you an early Christmas bonus! As you connect this media box to your telly, it will offer an access to plethora of movies, sports, music, news, and other entertainment channels from all sorts of online service apps! You may also like to get an extra subscription so as to access pay-per-view, sports, and movie channels! For only £39.99, this is but a neat one.

#2: Bush Hi-Fi stereo headphones
Itching to ditch that pair of mobile earphones that is bundled with your phone? Then you might as well like to resort to stereo headphones! Wait, what? Uh, how much would that be? Well, you wouldn’t scratch your head with Bush Hi-Fi stereo headphones since it only costs £3.99! Oh, no, that’s not a typo. You can actually buy headphones for only £3.99. This may not be the sturdiest headphones, and neither is it the best sounding, but it’s definitely a good reason for you to ditch your classic earphones that came free with your phone.

#3: Samsung Series 3 Chromebook
When it comes to computing device, the more it can offer portability, the more it provides convenience. And so, desktops got slimmer and lighter as the years pass by, and there goes also the innovation of laptops made especially for people with on-the-go persona. But as they come more compact, they become pricey—or do they? Introducing, the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook! What’s the catch with the price of only £179.99? Well, this laptop runs neither Mac nor Windows; it runs Chrome OS. And that means, almost all the applications can only be accessed from the cloud—yeah, stored over the internet. You then would need to be connected to the internet to make the laptop functional. But, not to worry since Google is now working on offline functionality to the Chromebook. Still, geared with 2GB Ram, an 11.6-inch LED screen, and webcam, you’re going to love this Chromebook with its unbeatable price.

#4: Vodafone Smart III
Thinking of budget phones almost always resort to what we call “dumb phones”. Yeah, well who wouldn’t? They are the cheapest of all phones anyway. But would you believe that there can be a cheap smartphone too? Check out this Vodafone Smart III! And would you also believe that this handset only costs £85? Packed with a 5-megapixel shooter at the back and runs the Android 4.1 Jellybean, you’ll think it’s too cheap and too good to be true!

It doesn’t always mean that it comes with a price just to be a certified techie. Sometimes it’s good to buy gadgets that are cheap but serve their purpose that are utterly amazing.

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