They say promises are meant to be broken. Some of us believe it to be false as it defies the very definition of a promise. Others see its sense and lean in to it. It only entails that you should never leave out words that you know for yourself you cannot keep. There will be repercussions, regrets, and inevitably, downfalls.

An example of a huge promise made that has been broken, or should I say, will be broken, is that of Google’s. The world’s most esteemed friend when talking about quick information delivery on the latest trends ranging from food, fashion, lifestyle, world news, breakthrough technology that currently centers on flexible and wearable tech, and etcetera is up for questioning. Eight years ago, the biggest search engine in the world announced that they will not be allowing banner ads be displayed upon their homepage and results pages, EVER. They lived up to expectations and maintained this stand for that amount of time but gradually dwindled. It’s not so perfect after all.

It could be because of private company reasons that pushed them closer to the end of the line and now has to fix things up before the big fall. Yet again, a promise has been broken and so have the trust-filled hearts of Google’s supporters. If it loses them, it will struggle.

But before all that, what’s the story anyway? Synrgy posted a screenshot of an enormous banner ad for Southwest Airlines displayed upfront the search results when the latter company was used as a keyword. With Google’s promise laden by previous vice-president, Marissa Mayer, and now this, you just can’t help but question the rest of what the biggest search engine has failed and will fail to fulfil. A Google spokesperson expressed that this was an experiment, something temporary at least for the time being. The banner ads including that of Southwest Airlines are posed in the US market alone. The search engine giant’s ambiguous response has not tune down the inquisitive minds of the world as a reaction to this act of negligence. Will Google really break the promise? Or has it turned into yet another greedy giant, engaging itself into the other sectors of technology where it is not at all in line with? Hello, Nexus 5 smartphone?

Then again, let’s give Google the benefit of the doubt. It might be on to something of great volume sooner in the future, and altogether preserving the trust of its many supporters after hearing this news. Otherwise, Google might be next to one tech giant, thrown off the stage and into the crowd.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s trivial or with ample value. A promise made should never be spoken aloud but instead done with action and utter diligence. 

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